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Boarding House Exposed

Ever wonder what the inside of a boarding house looks like? Wonder no more. Thanks to, here are pictures of what appears to be an illegal boarding house in Stony Brook, less than 1/4 mile from W.S. Mount Elementary School.

This listing has the wonderful description of “Amazing Potential Calling All Investors Great House Near University, Hospital, And Great Shopping” and advertises 3 bedrooms, 2 baths. However, the pictures tell a different story.

In the slide show below, you will see what is typically seen in boarding houses. That is, every available room has been turned into a bedroom. Thanks to the pictures, one can clearly see that there are seven separate “bedrooms” and a total of nine beds. Additionally, if one looks carefully, one will find five refrigerators: two large and three small. Finally, despite the fact that the listing only indicates 2 bathrooms, there are clearly three.

Lastly, the picture of the backyard shows a mysterious pipe coming from the house.

Let’s hope that this house is indeed sold. However, let’s hope that it is sold to a family…not an investor.


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